Summer!  Tijd om je Oasem boven te halen!

summer! Time to get out your Refresh Oasis Tips!

Hot Hot Hot!

Start your day with a fresh start!

You use the fresh and slightly sharp scent of peppermint for an ideal start to a hot day.

The oil wakes you up, peps you up and gives you a fresh feeling.

Peppermint also helps you stay focused. Ideal after your lunch break at the office or while studying.

On the skin, peppermint gives a cool feeling.

When used internally, the oil gives a warming feeling.

In a diffuser, peppermint brings a fresh, pure scent into the room.  Peppermint gives you an uplifting feeling, promotes motivation and dispels a feeling of mental fatigue.

For a fresh feeling, dilute a drop of peppermint oil and apply to the neck area.

If you want to enjoy peppermint essential oil to the fullest , use the Oasem Tips Refresh . 

Stay focused and alert, peppermint is positive for body and mind.

For athletes, they are excellent for endurance.

It refreshes the throat and breath when you stop smoking.

You can also use our Refresh Tips for a bloated/unwell feeling

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