Vapen... gezond(er) alternatief voor roken???

Vaping... healthy(er) alternative to smoking???

Although the e-cigarette is less unhealthy than tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarette vapor contains a number of ingredients and chemical impurities in amounts that are harmful to health. This has been shown, among other things, by research by the RIVM. Based on the investigation, the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) has ruled that electronic cigarettes – both with and without nicotine – are so unsafe that consumers should not use them on a long-term and structural basis .


Electronic cigarettes vaporize a liquid that usually contains nicotine and a flavoring agent. The harmful substances in e-cigarettes include: nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerol, aldehydes, nitrosamines and metals.

Inhalation of these can lead to irritation and damage to the airways, heart palpitations and an increased risk of cancer . Heavy users in particular have a high risk of problems with their respiratory tract.

Differences between liquids

The RIVM study shows that the composition of the many types of e-liquid on the Dutch market and that of the resulting vapor differ greatly. Sometimes the amounts of nicotine found in the liquid do not match the levels stated on the packaging. The concentrations of some substances appear to be higher in the vapor than in the liquid; for example, some substances are only formed upon evaporation. Aldehydes are formed, for example, when the liquids are heated and metals are released from the evaporator. Propylene glycol and glycerol are 'carrier liquids' for nicotine and the flavourings.


The research shows that people mainly smoke e-cigarettes on the assumption that it is less harmful to health than a regular cigarette and that it helps to stop smoking.

Of the many brands and models, refillable e-cigarettes are the most popular. Almost all users smoked tobacco before they started using the e-cigarette and most use tobacco in addition to their e-cigarette.

The smokers differ greatly in their vaping behaviour, for example in the number of puffs they take per day.

Quit smoking

Smoking e-cigarettes releases fewer harmful substances and lower concentrations of harmful substances than smoking tobacco. The NVWA indicates that the risks remain limited with incidental use of e-cigarettes, for example as an aid to quitting smoking. But because hardly any research has been done into the effectiveness of e-cigarettes as a tool to quit, there is a risk that smoking addiction will be maintained and people will continue to use e-cigarettes or permanently combine them with smoking tobacco.


The RIVM study and the risk assessment by the NVWA were commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. The reason is the strong growth in the number of e-cigarette users and lack of clarity about the health effects of use. The risk to users was assessed based on the substances in the vapor inhaled by the user.
Source: RIVM)

There are +4000 articles published on PubMed about vaping, mostly about the harmful effects and epidemic proportions that vaping is currently taking.  Questions are particularly raised about the increase in the number of adolescents taking up vaping.  Mainly because they are convinced that vaping does little or no harm to their health.  Unfortunately, the opposite is true.

See this research:

Vapes are sold in all kinds of fun colors and flavours… Obviously this is a smart marketing trick from the manufacturers.  It obviously obscures the harmful effects of the vape.

Thomas Martinelli of research institute IVO (Institute for Research into Lifestyles and Addiction) stated this week in the NPO1 program Op1 (episode 116 – June 13) that e-cigarettes are used more than "regular" cigarettes among young people. 

Watch this episode via the link! (from time: 46'45")


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