Our story

Sandra Hermans & Debora Volders

Who are we?

Sandra Hermans...
education: midwife
married and mother of two
healthy lifestyle lovers

Deborah Volders...
education: teacher
married and mother of four
healthy lifestyle lovers

Does anything stand out yet...?

How did 'Oasem' come about?

From our passions: nature, a healthy lifestyle and essential oils.

In January 2021, the idea arose to make a wooden inhaler yourself. Debora had almost her birthday and was looking for a nice tool for her oils. In Europe there was not immediately an interesting inhaler on the market. A friend came up with the comment: "Why don't we make it ourselves?".

A few days later the name 'Oasem' was born. Hasselt dialect for 'breath'.

The three of us brainstormed, signed, emailed, called at the kitchen table... . We started looking for strong, sustainable companies for our production and packaging. That way we also came into contact with the company 'Prasadam Papers' from India for the production of our filter 'tips'.

Many meetings and coffees later, it was decided to set up a company. Each of us engaged in a conversation with spouse and family. Was our idea feasible? Did everyone go all in in terms of commitment, financial and time investments?

In the end, the two of us continued to build the business and we are now here...ready for the launch of our first product! Oasem, a wooden tool with a big impact!

Grateful for everything... excited for a greener future!

Oasem reconnects you with nature... its greatest power. Our mission is to help you achieve your wellness and lifestyle goals!