Moe! Met deze 6 tips blijf je gedurende de dag toch goed functioneren

Tired! With these 6 tips you will continue to function well during the day


First things first: if you need a rest, make sure you take it. Sometimes, however, it is simply the case that you just have to go to work after a bad night, or cannot immediately refuel for other reasons. As long as you don't delay resting for too long, this is totally okay. Then the next question is: how do you get through the day when you are so tired? The tips below will ensure that you continue to function properly.

Tired? With these 6 tips you will continue to function well

  1. Sunlight

Fifteen minutes in the sun already boost your vitamin D levels. Together with vitamin B, vitamin D plays a major role in maintaining your energy levels. People with a vitamin D deficiency often experience fatigue, lethargy, stress and gloom. Preferably expose yourself to daylight and sun rays in the morning, and if possible take a break during your lunch break.

  1. Leave the coffee

Yes, you probably want to reach for a double espresso right now. Very tempting, and in itself a good choice if you only have to work for a short time, for example. Because when the caffeine has worn off, you will face an energy crash all the more quickly. If you're just sitting in the office for 8 hours, we recommend that you leave out the caffeine or go for green tea.

  1. Eat several small meals

In case of an energy dip, grab a healthy snack, such as a handful of nuts. On a tired day it can be nice to eat several small nutritious meals, instead of 3 large ones. This way you prevent the well-known after dinner (or lunch or breakfast) dip. Also avoid foods high in sugar and trans fats. Go for balanced, healthy meals with sufficient protein and healthy fats. This gives you sustainable energy.

  1. Nap

If possible, take a power nap. Experts suggest that a 20-minute nap is ideal. If it's much longer than that, chances are you'll just get up more lazily. And before you start again…

  1. Reschedule appointments

Some can handle fatigue better than others, but most people get at least a little irritable from it. That's why it's nice if you can reschedule important meetings or social events if you're feeling exhausted. Make it as easy as possible for yourself and try to be flexible if your schedule allows. These days we tend to push ahead with our planning at all costs, but that's not how life works. Everything becomes a lot easier if you learn to go along as much as possible with what is happening at the moment, even if it is sleep deprivation.

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