Vision and mission

Healthy lifestyle

Our goal is to make you more aware of your nutrition, movement, rest, sleep and... your ' breath '. You don't teach yourself a lifestyle in one, two, three. We are only too aware of that. This happens with small steps and sometimes with trial and error. But we believe that everyone can make the 'switch' to an ' Oasem ' lifestyle. A style in which you learn to become 'silent' again and listen to your body again. Breathe... feed your body with the right energy sources... relax regularly and recharge your 'battery'.
You will be able to read more about this regularly in our blog...


Natural support during smoking cessation.

We believe that you should support your body as much as possible. After all, our body has a wonderful self-healing capacity. Dead body cells are removed non-stop and new body cells are created at the same time. We can support these natural body processes with aromatherapy . When you stop smoking, a detoxification process takes place. It is good to deal with the difficulties that can come with it in a natural way.

Waste prevention/nature management/bee population

Of We want to give Oasem a clear signal to the people . Our aim is to increase waste awareness . We do everything we can to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. From production to packaging. But we also want to go a step further. We are excited to bring new initiatives to life. A butt-free initiative is already on our to do list!... You will find more about this on the blog soon!
We are also responding to the impending bee mortality figures with our ' Oasem filter Tips ' . Our Filter Tips must be thrown into nature after use and will grow bee-friendly plants through the seeds that are incorporated in the paper pulp. Beautiful concept right!!!