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Oasem Starter Pack

Oasem Starter Pack

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Oasem Starter Pack contains:

    • Your personal ' Oasem ' inhaler, made from sustainable beech wood. A quick and practical way to enjoy the power of essential oils.
      • Our unique ' Oasem Tips ' that you can use with your favorite pure essential oils.  Your Starter Pack contains 2 bags of 5 'Oasem Tips' each. A 'Tip' that is properly stored after use will retain the aroma for several days. The scent will last longer, but the effect of the essential oil will then be reduced.

      • An ' Oasem Tube ' that stores the aroma in your 'Oasem'. Extremely handy and protective 'on the go'!

      • 'How to use' flyer and sticker with one of our 'Oasem' quotes.
        Great on your laptop, agenda, drinking bottle, etc...
        Share the Oasem vibe!

      Belgian product

      Our Oasem inhaler was conceived, designed and produced on Belgian soil. The 'Oasem Tips' are produced in India by our sustainability award-winning partner 'Prasadam Papers'.


      All our shipments are handled by Bpost.


      Length: 10cm
      Diameter: 1.4cm

      Maintenance tips

      Your Oasem inhaler has been pre-treated with a food-safe paraffin oil. This protects the wood against water and dirt. Paraffin oil is non-toxic, colorless, odorless and tasteless. Store your Oasem inhaler in the supplied 'tube' when not in use. This way the aroma and appearance are neatly preserved.

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